Emirates Specialities Co has recently joined hands with A Proctor Group Ltd(APG) and Bonar-Adfil (construction fibres). Our partnership with APG and Bonar further reinforces the Company’s position as one of the leading suppliers of specialised construction products in the UAE. For details refer to the SBMD section in this website.

A Proctor Group Ltd  (APG)

APG are one of the well-known names throughout the world for reinforced vapor barriers and condensation control products utilized in the building envelopes. APG’s Procheck® and Profoil® membranes are mainly used in roofs and walls, and can replace the bituminous coatings on building facades with a non-hazardous and better controlled application. Proctor products have been used in a number of prominent projects globally and in the UAE, such as Dubai Tram and the Midfield Terminal Building in Abu Dhabi.

Bonar Adfil Construction Fibres

Bonar’s Adfil range is one of the well-known brands for construction fibres and has been used in many projects throughout the world. Adfil’s Durus® fibres can replace steel mesh in ground slabs, providing a safer alternative to both steel reinforcement and steel fibres, while considerably cutting down production time The Adfil Ignis® fibres offer passive fire protection and significantly reduce explosive spalling in concrete structures subject to fire risks.